Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Who is @Slatfascists?

Does anyone really care?

@Slatfascists is a Twitter account some people may have had the unfortunate luck to have encountered, the true identity of which is less clear and the answer to the first question is simple, no one really knows for sure. 

The second question is easy to answer, a lot of people would be very interested to know the real identity of this Twitter troll, for numerous reasons.

So why is Slatfascists anonymous and why go to such lengths to hide away behind a keyboard and colour screen?

Well a quick look through his timeline suggests that the insults and reaction to his comments are somewhat irrational, abusive and immature. The content of the tweets used by Slatfascists, are not just offensive, but have little or no humour. Unless of course, and very unlikely, you have the same views as Slatfascists’s do. In which case you may find the content entertaining, however because the account has been active for over 4 years. The 1300 or so followers, would seem to suggest, few others share Slatfascists’s sense of humour.

Slatfascists’s appears to go to absurd lengths to hide their identity. Without being too technical and Slatfascists to his credit is an above average IT savvy user.

Firstly let’s have a closer look at the profile. Still Laughing At the Fascists, quite a paradox really because, Slatfascists’s are really only interested in insulting people who disagree with their views. Rather than, take an objective humorous or even a satirical observation for people who had extreme right wing tendencies. Incidentally, how many real fascists does anyone know out there?

Recently, Slatfascists has taken on the mantel of Twitter Policeman to control a Mr Joshua Bonehill. Mr Bonehill allegedly, used social media to insult some of Slatfascists’s online associates by accusing them of being Paedophiles and other less than complementary adjectives. As a consequence, he is currently under Police bail for various online offences.

However, Slatfascists seems to be drawn to Mr Bonehill in a very ghoulish manner. Slatfascists associates who have been mentioned by Mr Bonehill, are in Slatfascists opinion, Slatfascists’s “friend”. However one must question the integrity of such a “friend”. One would strongly suspect, that Slatfascists has never spoken to any of these Twitter users, let alone met any of them in person. Friends? Probably not in the same way as the rest of us would consider a person we know.

Interestingly another of Slatfascists’s obsessions came back into the limelight again recently, Mr Robin Cook. Together with his son Alex, seem to ruffle Slatfascists’s feather somewhat. The use of the word obsession is not an understatement, because tweets as far back as 2013, mention Mr Cook and his son in a very obscure way.

There is almost an entire blog section relating to these gentleman, most, for whatever reason have since been removed. There is however still plenty of evidence of the abhorrent dislike for Mr Cook by Slatfascists on various blog posts. It is rather odd that Mr Cook has not taken legal action against Slatfascists, as the evidence relating to Mr Cook, by Slatfascists's own admission, is purely here say and has no definitive proof that any of the accusations are really him. Probably the huge cost of pursing a libel legal case against Slatfascists is a preventative issue.

Indeed, the material, were it to be true, would probably have been worthy of National media interest. Although there is a link to a paragraph in the Guardian about Mr Cook being a Racist, seems a tad short of understanding or reasoning if you look at Mr Cook’s profiles as of late @R0binCook, he is married to an Asian lady! Racist?? Needless to say, because of the lack of gist to Slatfascists’s story, there is no evidence of interest from even provincial media. Yet Slatfascists seems to glory in his personal research and actually wants others to believe the story, which, has little substance apart from making Mr Cook the victim of an amateur smear campaign. The point of which is unknown.

Around two weeks ago, Slatfascists encountered two ladies on Twitter and with his usual tenacity, antagonised both of them to such a degree, one of them @kirsti_ken actually took time to do some elementary research and wrote a blog about Slatfascists; http://targetedbykingstonuaf.blogspot.co.uk
The blog, made some quite interesting reading, in so much as Kirsti linked Slatfascists, with a Mike Tynan aka @Meglos which by Mike’s own admission is intrinsically linked to @StanBirkenshaw Both users have now gone private and have been inactive for the last few days.

So what do we know of Slatfascists?

Well clearly, very little really. It is difficult for anyone to believe very much what Slatfascists’s types. Slatfascists’s profile claims that he comes from Manchester. Does he? Well if the IP addresses which are being bantered around are genuine, it would appear that is true. Incidentally Slatfascists not surprisingly denied two IP addresses belonged to him and that his ISP (Virgin media) changed them both around 18 months ago. How convenient of them.

He also claims on his profile that his name is David and according to recent tweets, he claims to be 42. However, since Slatfascists is totally anonymous and his remarkable ability to construct evidence in a totally biased manner, would suggest that his name and age are left open to discussion. Indeed, there is little in Slatfascists’s Twitter profile to suggest any real evidence of who, or where Slatfascists is located let alone a given name.

What we do know is that Slatfascists is not the average man in the street.

Reading his tweets, Slatfascists appears to be very immature for being 42 years old. His grammar, which is on the whole, very good, is let down by the use of obscene language and derogatory comments against those who disagree with Slatfascists strong opinions. Quite an ironical really.

Slatfascists would appear to have an unusual working day as even during the working week, he stays up to 2am tweeting to his cronies. His first tweets start to appear sometimes around 8am and Slatfascists can seem to spare the time to often tweet during the working day. A very bazaar working time and of course no one has any idea of what he actually does for a living. Strongly suspect it has something to do with IT though. His knowledge of IT in general is way above the average Thomas Richard or Harold abilities.

On Sunday however, he is usually very quiet between 9am and 6pm, It is understood that Slatfascists’s uses this time to mix with family members, allegedly in Wales. As Slatfascists’s appears to have a limited knowledge or interest of motoring, Slatfascists doesn't express any desires to a particular brand of car. It is safe to assume, he uses only public transport.

There also seems to be an insalubrious obsession, with science fiction and sci-fi video games. In particular with Dr Who and a video game called Halo.

What does that tell us? Well there can’t be many woman who could live with a man who devoted as much time as Slatfascists does to Twitter or his fascination with Sci-Fi video games. Safe to assume he is definitely single!

Although Slatfascists uses the written English well, this most likely comes from his extensive library of books which was once displayed for Mr Bonehill’s eyes on twitter. However as previously mentioned, the obscenities and revolting attitude by Slatfascists, would tend to indicate Slatfascists being a loner or with a personality disorder. Certainly has very unusual character traits.

Slatfascists appears to be someone seems finds it very difficult to interact with people on a social level in real life and confuses online accounts with Real life friends. By Slatfascists’s admission, Slatfascists has been out with "real" life friends very rarely, Mr Stan Birkenshaw for example was supposed to have stayed with Slatfascists a few weeks ago. Posting pictures of a Manchester pub which Slatfascists’s said he went there to watch football. Since @StanBirkenshaw aka Mike Tynan @Meglos have both closed their accounts since they were rumbled, it would suggest that these two accounts belonged to Slatfascists in some way. In other words, the accounts were fabricated to enhance Slatfascists’s anonymity and to give the impression he had a life off Twitter.

Psychologists would probably suggest that Slatfascists had been bullied at school and is single, not through choice, but because of some previous damaging and unsuccessful sexual encounter with women. However Slatfascists does interact with younger men ie Mr Bonehill and Robin's son Alex which could be due to a sexual attraction or that he feels more comfortable to bully younger men.

Clearly Slatfascists does not have the courage or confidence to stand up for his own strong morals and principles which he firmly believes are the only views relevant to society and that these views are what everyone should adhere to. Again quite ironical given someone who is obsessed by people who have fascist ideology.

Could Slatfascists’s lack of confidence in the real life social environment, show how Slatfascists feels the necessity to remain anonymous because of an inherent fear that anyone who disagrees with their views, will want to physically harm them.

If so, this is very bazaar attitude and behaviour from an alleged 42 year old!

Well Slatfascists if you ever read this, there is a moral to all this. Treat people how you would like to be treated and they will generally treat you the same. If for whatever reason people do not treat you as you would like, do what the rest of us do, ignore them.

In short Slatfascists, you are the Fascist, you really should get out more!